Hello ! I am Víctor Castillo, a Web developer from Chile currently living in Sweden.


With more than 10 years of experience working for agencies and companies in Chile, Spain, Germany and Sweden. I feel pretty confortable working with:

  • PHP and its design patterns, experiece with frameworks like Codeigniter, Cake-PHP, or Laravel.
  • Javascript and its design patterns together with libraries like jQuery or frameworks like AngularJS.
  • CSS and preprocessors like Sass and Less.
  • Linux, Bash shell and experience managing Apache and Nginx web servers.
  • SQL together with Mysql and it's command line tool.
  • Version controls systems like GIT or SVN.
  • Package managers like Bower, Composer and Task managers like Gulp or Grunt.
  • CMS like Drupal, Wordpress, Magento and many More.
  • Understanding of design principles and experience working with Photoshop and Sketch.


Currently working at Understandit which is a digital agency located in Goteborg, Sweden.
Portic Bcn is a company located in Barcelona where I worked for 3 months on an AngularJS App.
ProAppers is a German agency based in Frankfurt, I worked with them remotely on various projects.
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is a University located in Barcelona, I spend 14 months working on various projects for the University.
Tresipunt is an agency from Barcelona, I was 4 years working here as a Full-Stack PHP Developer.
Informática El Corte Inglés is the IT department of El corte ingles, I worked here 3 years at various projects for the Catalonia goverment
AmbientGràfic is a creative agency from Barcelona for which I worked as freelance on a few E-commerce sites.
Megapoint was my first Web developer job, small agency in Barcelona.


For more details about my experience and the proyects I been involved, you can check my linkedin page.

Or write to me directly at victor23@gmail.com